Mar 31, 2018 current works

Adjusting Your Life to Your New Normal

What does it mean to “adjust” your life to your “new normal?” It is about making some real changes in your life that impact how you’re living. There are financial issues you can control (spending, utility usage, entertainment and luxury items) and there are financial issues you can’t control (the economy, a hit on your 401K, increase in the cost of gas, loss of a spouse or job). Regardless of the source, when something impacts your financial life in a negative way, you’re the one who suffers the financial consequences. Those consequences can be huge if you don’t face the reality of your new normal and make some adjustments to it. Whether you’re a married couple with a stay-at-home spouse, a single person with no roommate, or an older couple entering retirement, when your “normal” changes, you have to change with it.

Planning is key. People plan to finish high school; plan to go to college; plan to get a “good” job. But most people don’t plan for what may happen when one of those other “plans” get interrupted. Ignoring the possibility that it can happen doesn’t change the reality when it does.

The Catching Raindrops in Water Buckets conference is designed to Inform, Educate, Encourage, and Challenge teenage and college-age girls, and women of all ages, on how to plan for a successful adjustment when life throws unexpected surprises at them.

INFORM attendees on ways to save money, stretch their dollars, and invest wisely simply by planning ahead.

EDUCATE attendees on resources available to offer assistance during their adjustment period.

ENCOURAGE attendees to try new things; be creative in finding or creating secondary sources of revenue.

CHALLENGE attendees to step out of their comfort zone; start a new business; turn a hobby or a passion into extra income.

While we can’t control many of the circumstances that may happen to us, we can have some control over how well we’re prepared to handle those stops, detours, and many times life-altering events when they happen.

The conference is designed for women to meet, network, learn, be encouraged, and for some, to come to a realization that they when things happen, they have to stop trying to live in the lifestyle they used to know, and learn to live a new life, adjusting to their new normal.