Mar 31, 2018 current works

Our Family’s Story: Life is meant to be shared!

Danny and Kansas Fergen were married June 11, 2007. From early on in their relationship, they knew they wanted to grow their family in a non-traditional way. Kansas expressed to Danny that she had always felt called to adopt and Danny was open to this. Shortly after they were married, they began to discuss how they wanted to grow their family in the future. Both agreed that adoption was God’s plan for them before trying to pursue having children biologically. They began the adoption process a few months into their marriage, thinking it would take a few years before they had placement of a child. But, God had a different plan.  Just a year after they were married, they got “the call” that would change their lives forever. They welcomed a nine month old baby boy into their forever family. It was that choice, that call, and that child that paved the way for how God would continue to work in their hearts and orchestrate their family for the years to come.

Danny and Kansas have five children both adopted and biological. Coyer was adopted at nine months old from Texas and eleven months later he became a big brother when Kansas gave birth to the Fergen’s second son, Kedren. Three years later, they were blessed with their first daughter, Baylic. It was at this time, they knew their family was not complete. Once again, they felt God calling them to adopt.  Eighteen months after having their daughter, they were chosen to be the parents of a two month old baby boy from North Carolina.  After having their son for a week, his birth mother changed her mind and they had to place him back in her arms.  This was the most devastating experience they ever went through, but they knew God was faithful and was still calling them to adopt.  One month later, they were called back to North Carolina, as they were chosen to be the parents to a ten day old baby boy.  They flew to North Carolina as a family to experience the joy of meeting their son and brother, Daeston. When growing their family they experienced, both joy and pain by losing children through adoption and miscarriage. Through it all, they spoke of God’s faithfulness and love.

The Fergen Family resides in South Dakota where family life is their priority.  Danny is the Technical Director at their church, while Kansas stays home and homeschool’s their children. Faith is the heartbeat of their home, and it’s evident through the way they parent, serve and enjoy life’s adventures as a family. They want their home to be a safe haven not only for their children, but for anyone who walks through their door. If you take a glimpse into their life you will see an adventurous family that is is never lacking in laughter, love and grace. Their mission is to to build bridges and tear down walls not only in their family but with those they walk through life with. Life is meant to be shared. Their family is an open book on how God has brought them through hard times and why they choose to focus on the good. They know that God has only just begun His work in their lives.