Faith-Based Entertainment Services

At Gloria Green Entertainment, we promote, coordinate, publicize, and help to develop artists; and consult with businesses that are interested in making an impact in the faith-based community. Whether you’re a new artist trying to get started, an indie artist needing help spreading the word, a self-published author interested in a special event, or an organization trying to promote to a faith-based audience, Gloria Green Entertainment can help you with artist development, publicity campaigns, special event coordination, and general faith-based entertainment consulting.

Public Relations

What good is a great book you’ve poured months into writing, or an incredible music CD you’ve spent thousands of dollars producing, if only your family and friends know about it? Self-published books and independently produced CDs end up in boxes collecting dust, or as page links housed on websites that never get hits, unless people know who you are and know that your book or music exists! If you’re not promoting your project and growing your fan-base, then what you have is just another book or collection of songs soon to be forgotten by the few who discovered it. That’s why you need a publicist!

There are a number of benefits to hiring a public relations executive. Too many independent artists and writers, looking for ways to save money, cut out one of the most essential people who should be your team – the publicist. Without the benefit of a record label, book publisher, or major management company, you need someone who’s promoting your story, creating your promotional campaigns, helping to establish social media connections, and assisting you in building your brand.

Artist Development

Your family, friends, even high school teachers have told you how talented you are. You feel passionate about making music a part of your professional life.

Now what?

One of the first things that artists new to the business learn is that there are thousands of other people wanting to do exactly the same thing that they do. So what makes some artists stand out, and others get lost in the shuffle? Why do some people break through and others give up? Regardless of how talented you are, many would-be artists fail to thrive because they lack direction; they are unfamiliar with the industry; and for a majority of them, they need more than just a great voice to maneuver through the business. They come excited, but not ready. Eager and confident, but not realistic. They need artist development.


You started a band? Now you have lots of questions! How do you find places to perform? When do you need a manager? How do you find a booking agent? Do you write your own songs? What’s a copyright? How do you register your songs? What’s a PRO and when do you need one? Do you need a website? Which social media platforms should you be on? How do you get noticed? How do you get your music heard?

New and developing artists have lots of questions about the music business, but often can’t find anyone to answer them. The truth is that the first step to understanding the business of the industry is to know that experience, knowledge, and connections take years; oftentimes decades to build. So simply asking someone if you can “pick their brain” won’t usually get you a meeting with an industry insider. In a business where time is as hot of a commodity as money; and knowledge and networks are power, you can’t expect for top music executives to listen to your music, check out your publishing catalog, comment on your video, or even follow you on social media – unless they’re already interested in working with you.  And in this current music environment, record labels, booking agencies, management companies, and music publishers are looking for artists who are already working hard developing their own career. They are no longer interested in artists expecting the labels, agencies, and companies to do everything anymore. That’s where we can help. Let us help you to better understand the basics of the music industry you’re entering; to help get you familiar with the terms, and to help give you an edge before you start taking meetings.

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