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Our Specialties

Brief  highlights of  our offerings:

General Publicity & Promotions

  1. -Press Releases

  2. -Media Advisories

  3. -Artist Bio & Tip Sheets

  4. -Tour press

Special Event Coordinations

  1. -Artist Showcases

  2. -CD Release Parties

  3. -Author Book Release Events


  1. -New Artist

  2. -Artist Development

  3. -Media Training

  4. -PR Campaigns

  5. -Faith-Based Business/Community

Media Relations Services
Media Services 2011.pdf
Press Releases & Conferences
Media Alerts
Story Pitches 
Publicity & Special Events
Special Events Services 2011.pdf 
Artist Showcases
Promotional Appearances & Concerts
CD & Book Release PartiesPR_Services_files/GGE%20Special%20Events%20Svcs%202011.pdfshapeimage_6_link_0
PR Services Pricing
Pricing Info 2011.pdf
Contact GGE for complete detailsPR_Services_files/GGE%20PR%20Services%20Pricing2%202011.pdfshapeimage_8_link_0


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